Managed Network

Whether your internet service provider is ValleyInternet or NOT!
Managed Network service offers peace of mind with your Local Area Network equipment, setup, and performance.


We meet with you and design a network best suited for your needs. Using the latest technology and uncompromising standards, our managed networks are designed to perform for years and years.


Unprecedented visibility and control over your network, all on your smart phone. From super accurate speed testing to parental controls and so much more.

Smart.Network is offered as a complimentary feature with Managed Network.


Network devices need regular updates and adjustment for optimal performance and security. With Managed Network, we take that responsibility seriously and send you periodic reports for your review.


We understand that network needs change and technology evolves. The initial design and install utilizes the latest technology and standards to prolong the need for upgrades.

When your needs change or you feel the need for speed down the line, we are here to redesign, modify, and upgrade with at-cost equipment pricing and discounted labor rates.


Stuff happens. With Managed Network, troubleshooting is easier than ever. Our technical support team has full remote access to your network which helps quickly identify and resolve your woes.

If a service call is needed for something outside of ValleyInternet's warranty, take advantage of discounted labor rates and at-cost equipment replacement.

Any Internet Service

Bring your own Internet Service Provider, or use ValleyInternet for discounted pricing.

Managed Network service helps keep your ISP honest by ensuring that your local network is up to speed and providing the tools to troubleshoot outages or slowdowns.

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